About Us

Compliance and Community Consultants, provides consulting services to the community banking industry nationwide in the areas of Strategic Business Development, Regulatory Compliance Services, Mergers and Acquisitions, Risk Management and Corporate Social Responsibility.  Our clients are community banks with assets ranging from $10 Million and $20 Billion.  

We also offer consulting services to non-profit organizations that focus on community development, economic development, financial literacy, neighborhood revitalization and sustainable community initiatives.  

Our banking expertise and unique approach of aligning non-profit community organizations with local community banks have resulted in innovative and impactful initiatives that are “Raising the Bar” in the financial industries.

By helping to align these partnerships there is unlimited potential to create sustainable community development initiatives that meets both parties’ goals resulting in stronger relationships, effectively leveraged resources and sustainable communities coast to coast.  




Compliance and Community Consultants mission is “Building Stronger Communities with Collaborative and Integrated Solutions.”  We accomplish this through education of nonprofit community organizations and a consultative approach for community banks. Strengthening the performance of Community Banks to ensure they meet the credit needs of its entire community through the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), while increasing capacity of nonprofit organizations providing resources and programming to those same communities; the overall outcome is a Stronger and Sustainable community where we all Live, Work and Play.