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Neighborhood Homes Tax Credit (NHTC)

March 28, 2017 I was asked to keep an open mind and participate in a progressive conversation that thinks differently about neighborhood revitalization and tax credits. 

Neighborhood Homes Tax Credit (NHTC) is a new national neighborhood revitalization and housing finance policy proposal, aimed to create a reliable source of equity for 1-4 family housing developments. This policy would help areas where the cost of renovating or constructing a home exceeds the market price that homes can be sold for - resulting in an "appraisal gap."

With the discussion led by Carey Shea, Executive Director from New Orleans based Home by Hand, and Buzz Roberts, President and CEO of NAAHL (Washington DC), I was excited and enamored as the conversation flowed freely between Developers, Realtors, Housing Counselors and Project Managers. 

This is a very exciting time in the City of Detroit with an abundance of economic and housing development occurring in the downtown and midtown area, while our neighborhoods still wait, patiently for its turn. 

Compliance and Community Consultants, is very proud to be a part of the conversation and a NHTC Coalition Member. 

Please visit the website to get more information about this exciting housing tax credit policy proposal.          

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