Do you work with Small Banks?  

Yes.  We work with Banks with asset sizes as low as $10 Million.  We will also work with Small-Intermediate and Large Banks as defined by the FFIEC.

Do you provide data monitoring tools?

Yes.  We will do a thorough audit of current systems being utilized and then customize tools and systems for the client for monitoring and reporting.

How do I find my Depository Market Share?

You can visit the FDIC's Financial Insitution Reports and Analysis Page.  Please clikc the below link:


Can you work with Banks that have a Needs to Improve and help increase the rating?

Yes.  We will work with Banks that have received a Needs to Improve rating on their examination through decision or downgrading.  We will strive to help the client increase the rating on the next exam and provide the tools and resources needed, along with corrective action steps for guidance.

Do you write grants?

We do not write grants, but we have relationships with certified grant writers that we can recommend.

Do you have experience with Department of Justice Consent Agreements?

Yes, we have several years of successful experience with the reporting and monitoring of DOJ Consent Orders.